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K12 Initiatives at Brandeis

We have begun a series of initiatives for K-12 students thematically focused on Microscopy and Visualization of Nanoparticles.

Elementary School Nano Days

Our program sponsors two immersive events titled “Nano Days” at the Discovery Museum in Acton.  Students and staff from our center design and facilitate a series of hands-on activities focused on showing young children how we study particles smaller than our eyes can see.

Middle School Science Fair Mentorship Program

In grades 5-8, students are often asked to design and present science fair projects in group settings.  Many students, especially those in under-funded school districts, have limited resources for some of these endeavors. Our program sponsors a mentorship initiative for middle school students whereby students interested in projects related to microscopic particles are paired with a faculty, post doc, or graduate student from Brandeis.  The mentor provides guidance and support for the student as he/she prepares the project stressing the value of the scientific method and critical thinking.  Students are encouraged to use lab facilities and resources at Brandeis as well as those found at their home school.

High School Field Trip

The MRSEC integrated laboratory field trip allows students the opportunity to visit Brandeis for a day-long program led by science faculty that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the fields of biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry.  The field trip experiences are modifiable based on student-level, teacher needs, and curricular positioning, but focus on molecular visualization.  Students attending the program can be involved in such activities as exploring molecular structure in our 3D modeling classroom, perform chemically-based experiments with human protein constructs, or visualizing biological processes using our state-of-the-art modern microscopy instrument facility. 

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Kindergarten-Grade 12 (K-12)