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Program Highlights

August 24, 2015

Nanocapillarity-mediated magnetic assembly of nanoparticles into ultraflexible filaments and reconfigurable networks

If you want to form very flexible chains of nanoparticles in liquid in order to build tiny robots with flexible joints or make magnetically self-healing gels, you need to revert to childhood and think about sandcastles.
August 20, 2015

Approaching a Two-Dimensional (2D) Metallic State on the Surface of the Organic Semiconductor Rubrene

Research performed in IRG-1 using an approach to doping known as electrolyte gating has now shown that highly conductive (close to metallic) behavior can also be seen in 2D in an organic semiconductor, rubrene. This was enabled by techniques, based on the use of ionic liquids, that increase the density of holes on the surface by a thousand times over prior work.