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Recent Program Highlights

A disordered material’s structure and macroscopic mechanical response are related in a non-trivial way. By studying a 2D jammed colloidal system under oscillatory shear, our study elucidates this link in the transition from elasticity to plasticity based on microstructural signatures.

We developed one-component, sequence-defined Ionizable Amphiphilic Janus Dendrimers (IAJDs) and their assemblies with mRNA. These Dendrimersome Nanoparticles (DNPs) were investigated for the delivery of mRNA for vaccines and nanotherapeutics.

Wisconsin MRSEC IRG 1 developed a new theory describing how sound waves couple two level systems together. Experiments using a superconducting qubit measured the coupling of many TLS, one at a time, and showed that they are consistent with the theory. Machine learning applied to simulations identified the atomic arrangements associated with TLS and showed that as the glass grows more stable, the TLS density decreases.

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