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UMN Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

This multifaceted MRSEC enables important areas of future technology, ranging from applications of electrical control over materials to scale-invariant shape-filling amphiphile network self-assembly. The UMN MRSEC manages an extensive program in education and career development. The MRSEC is bolstered by a broad complement of over 20 companies that contribute directly to IRG research through intellectual, technological, and financial support. International research collaborations and student exchanges are pursued with leading research labs in Asia and Europe. The UMN MRSEC benefits from an extensive suite of materials synthesis, characterization and computational facilities.

Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM)

The Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) aims to enhance diversity in materials research and education. The MRSEC PREM builds and supports education and research collaborations between the University of Minnesota MRSEC and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), with the goal of broadening participation in materials science. The UTRGV-UMN PREM is funded by the National Science Foundation Award PREM DMR-1523577.

International Collaboration

The UMN MRSEC has developed multiple collaborations with prominent research centers and institutions worldwide; each IRG works closely with international partners on various aspects of IRG research. These collaborations are fueled by visits, exchanges, MRSEC-sponsored international workshops, etc. The intended outcomes of these collaborations are: (i) memorable educational and career-building experiences for MRSEC-funded students; (ii) greater awareness of other social and scientific cultures in our future technical leaders, as is vital for future US competitiveness; (iii) technical collaborations that enhance IRG productivity and inform future research thrusts; and (iv) focused joint symposia/workshops.


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