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American Indian Undergraduate Fellowships

Native American Undergraduate Fellowships are provided to American Indian students from tribal colleges particularly those in the Upper Midwest. These awards are intended for students unaccompanied by a faculty member from their home institution. Fellowships are awarded to undergraduates for participation in a ten-week summer program designed to provide unique research experiences, professional development, and increased awareness of materials science and engineering. Each student performs research in one of the four UMN MRSEC Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs): Electrostatic Control of Materials, Sustainable Nanocrystal Materials, Hierarchical Multifunctional Macromolecular Materials IRGs, or one of the various MRSEC Seed groups.
In addition to individual research, participants engage in numerous common activities aimed at heightening awareness of science and engineering careers and enhancing skills, including practical ones that are often overlooked, but important for professional development. This is achieved through weekly workshops and seminars throughout the progam.

Education Program Type: 
Application Deadline: 
February 15, 2020