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Junior Research Fellows (JRF) Program

UCI strives to define best practices for inclusive excellence and provide a roadmap for not only increasing the pipeline of diverse candidates entering academia, but also retaining and creating an environment fostering success for junior fellows and faculty. The Center will support development of a cohort of JRF, composed of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. JRF will benefit from structured activities, a formalized mentoring process, and development of strong scientific networks that are important for success. Activities include a CCAM seminar series, a Fellows-led journal club, professional development activities, and tailored curriculum. The MRSEC CCAM exchange program, will support short stays for JRF at partner institutions, lowering team science barriers and facilitating collaboration. Interdisciplinary and the strong collaborative research will give JRF ample exposure to new research ideas in a group environment, facilitating innovation and  a team science approach to address scientific challenges.