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Museum Shows

The Franklin Institute, named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, is a nationally renowned science museum located in downtown Philadelphia. Students, faculty, and staff in the MRSEC have worked with the staff of The Franklin Institute for the last 20 years to design innovative new educational resources for science museums nationwide. During that time, the MRSEC and the Franklin Institute have produced six cart-based, interactive demonstration kits that have each been distributed to museums.  Information about all physical kits is located on the Penn State MRSEC website. 

Mission: Materials Science is the seventh and most recent museum kit project, and was created with a new digital twist!  While it still contains hands-on, DIY-at-home activities, it is available via an online platform and features videos of "Scientists in Action".  For each activity, these videos highlight current research and researchers whose work connects to the science content.  There is also a "Meet the Scientists" page introducing all of the people who worked to design and develop the activities.  In addition to Penn State graduate students and faculty, contributions to the content were also made by both PREM partners - Cal State LA and North Carolina Central University, and MRSEC colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania. 

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