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8th Workshop on Science in Archaeology

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 12:00 to 20:00
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8th Workshop on Science in Archaeology8th Workshop on Science in ArchaeologyThis workshop will introduce teachers to the materials aspect of archaeology and make them more familiar with the various types of materials encountered in this field and their analysis. Lectures in Archaeochemistry, Archeometallurgy, Archeological Ceramics, and Bronze Casting Technology, will be followed by a tour of LRSM's shared experimental facilities. After lunch at the LRSM, there will be a tour of the Museum Ceramics Lab. and a visit to a local bronze casting foundry to observe the complete process in making a lost wax bronze sculpture.


Morning Sessions at LRSM

  • Archaeochemistry
    Dr. Gretchen Hall, University Museum
  • Archeometallurgy
    Dr. Vincent Pigott, University Museum
  • Archeological Ceramics
    Dr. Marie-Claude Boileau, University Museum
  • Old and New Bronze Casting Technology
    Dr. Andrew McGhie, LRSM
  • Tour of LRSM's Shared Experimental Facilities

Afternoon Sessions

1) Tour of Museum Ceramics Laboratory
2) Tour of Laran Foundry, Chester, PA

3231 Walnut