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Computing Facility

Location: South Bank Data Center
Supervisor/Coordinator: Robert A. Riggleman, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Andrea J. Liu, Physics and Astronomy
Contact: Daniel Widyono

Rob Riggleman,


The LRSM Computing Facility is part of the Walnut High Performance Computing cluster ( and is a shared facility for theory, simulation, and data analysis for projects supported by the MRSEC. The cluster consists of 62 nodes, each with four Intel E5-4620 8-core processors (at 2.2 or 2.6GHz) and 64GB RAM. The nodes are connected by a low-latency Infiniband network to allow for efficient parallelization. The MRSEC owns approximately 30% of the Walnut Cluster, giving MRSEC users priority access to 568 compute cores, and limited access to the entire cluster during periods of reduced utilization.


The facility has no instruments.