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Keck Laboratory for Combinatorial Nanosynthesis and Multiscale Characterization

This powerful new facility was established under the support of the W. M. Keck Foundation. Combinatorial laser molecular MBE in the Keck Laboratory is used to make thin films of complex magnetic oxides. Materials are synthesized by atomic layer-by-layer deposition processes. The RHEED (reflection of high energy electron diffraction) oscillation is used to monitor the construction of materials unitcell by unitcell during the deposition. The combinatorial approach allows us to systematically fine tune the composition and process parameters of various thin film materials of interest. A state-of-the-art microwave microscope is being developed to provide measurement capabilities for various physical properties as well as imaging of materials at nanometer level. This facility is located in the new Jeong H. Kim Engineering and Applied Science Building; a virtual tour of the facility is available online. The Keck Laboratory is operated jointly with the Department of Material Science and Engineering as part of the Maryland Center for Integrated Nanoscale Science and Engineering.


The facility has no instruments.