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CMU MRSEC Hosts over 60 scientists at the 1st Summer School on 3D Microstructure Studies

On June 1st -4th, 2010, CMU hosted 67 scientists from around the world
at the 1st Summer School on 3D Microstructure Studies. MRSEC Faculty,
graduate students and researchers introduced the techniques that were
developed and continue to be developed here at CMU to characterize of
the internal structure of polycrystalline materials. The school
consisted of a mix of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on interactive
activities for the participants. Sections were taught on measuring the
grain boundary character distribution using serial sectioning,
generating synthetic microstructures, using the TEM for orientation
mapping and using synchrotron techniques for orientation mapping. The
participants included scientists from industry (15%), academia (25%),
and government laboratories (60%).2010 CMU MRSEC Summer School Photos