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Colloidosome Assemblies.

Rotello developed a very rapid and convenient method for fabricating
microspheres with walls made of nanoparticles, known as colloidosomes.
In this method alkyne and azide functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles
are co-assembled at the water-in oil-interface and covalently linked
using “click” chemistry under ambient conditions to create magnetic
colloidosomes. These colloidosomes are highly stable in water, have
size selective permeability, and are responsive towards external
magnetic stimuli. Rotello and Dinsmore extended this process to develop
stable NP self-assemblies at liquid-liquid interfaces. Terpyridine
thiol (Terpy-SH) functionalized FePt NPs were self-assembled at the
oil/water interface and simultaneously crosslinked at room temperature
through complexation of terpyridine with Fe(II) metal ions,
instantaneously affording stable membranes and colloidosomes. Tuning of
the assembly process and application of this methodology to the
creation of functional devices is underway.

a) Formation of
colloidosomes synthesis through
self-assembly at water-in-oil interfaces followed by interfacial
crosslinking of NPs via click

b) Structures of the NPs with ligands structure used for crosslinking and cross-sectional view of a colloidosome.