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Goo, Goop, and Gak: Public Outreach with the North Carolina Science Festival

“Goo, Goop, and Gak: The Science of
Squishy Materials” 

 Gooey, goopy materials and a lecture about the wonders of snot were the stars
of a family-friendly, hands-on evening of science on the Duke University campus
17th, 2012), sponsored by Triangle MRSEC.
This event was part of the NC Science Festival, a state-wide multi-day
celebration showcasing science and technology in NC.


students shared
hand-on, interactive demos with “oobleck” cornstarch polymers, polymer
origami that
folds itself magically, and
other “soft matter” with unusual properties.


evening also featured
of facilities including the DiVE virtual reality simulator, and a guest
lecture, “The Science of Snot,” by Dr. Richard Superfine UNC-Chapel Hill


assessment data confirmed that respondents thought the event “made STEM
learning fun” and made them more aware of STEM in their daily lives.