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High-performance Transparent Inorganic-organic Hybrid Thin-film n-type Transistors

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Thin-film transistors, already indispensable in a number of portable electronics, would benefit from optical transparency and compatibility with flexible, lightweight plastics.

Transistors with these qualities would be a major advance if they could be fabricated by a scalable, large-area process.

Researchers Liang Wang, Myung-Han Yoon, Gang Lu, Yu Yang, Antonio Facchetti and Tobin Marks at the Northwestern University MRSEC have adopted a hybrid approach in developing â€Ëœinvisible' thin film transistors that heterogeneously integrate a transparent, inorganic semiconductor with a large carrier mobility and a nanoscopic, organic gate dielectric.

For more, see Nature Materials, 5, 893-900 (2006) or contact:
Northwestern Materials Research Center