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High School Student Research Internships at the Johns Hopkins MRSEC

jhumrsec0520491outreach.jpgThe JHU MRSEC conducts extensive K-12 educational outreach programs aimed at promoting interest in and awareness of the importance of modern materials research. High school students from the greater Baltimore area receive four-week internships each July to conduct research in the laboratories of the JHU MRSEC. The students are mentored by Center faculty, and also work closely with graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows. At the end of the month, each student gives a 20-minute talk describing his/her project at a symposium attended by MRSEC researchers, friends and family, and teachers from the students' schools.


2008 High School Student Research Projects

  • ZnO Nanowires
  • Detecting Motion of Topological Defects in Simulated Magnetic Nanowires
  • Characterizing Interface Roughness of Organic Semiconductors
  • Solar Cell Studies with Titanium Oxide
  • Surface Functionalization Methods to Study Cell Adhesion
  • Factors Driving Self-Assembly of Micro-Cubes