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Imaging and Analysis Center at Princeton University (2023-2024)

The Imaging and Analysis Center (IAC), supported by PCCM, is a world-leading facility for materials characterization. Its central mission is the education, research, and training of students at Princeton University and beyond. The IAC also collaborates with researchers in industry and other academic institutes.

In 2023, normal operations in the IAC were fully resumed. The IAC is open to graduate students, postdocs, undergraduates, and outside users to research with center staff’s support. The award-winning course conducted in the IAC, MSE 505 - Characterization of Materials, had a high enrollment of 33 students. The IAC conducted training courses (required for instrument access) in 33 topics with direct experimental demonstrations and hands-on instruction, ranging from basic sample preparation devices to high-end aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopes. In the past year, The IAC currently has more than 320 users (25 undergraduate students, 149 graduate students, 86 faculty, postdoctoral, and staff researchers, and over 60 individuals outside users). Outside users are from 57 industrial companies and academic organizations).