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Magnetics Day - Magnetism in Technology

Three PI’s (Paul Crowell, Dan Dahlberg, Chris Leighton) and four graduate students (Mike Erickson, Mike Manno, Greg McKusky, and Tanner Schulz) organized a day of activities on July 16, 2008 including hands-on demos in the morning, a lunch with recent PhD graduates in industry, and an afternoon of projects. The participants were high school students in the Institute of Technology Center for Education Programs (ITCEP) Exploring Careers in Science & Engineering summer camp. The focus was on magnetism and its applications in everyday technology and included the opportunity to build a motor, generator, a magnetic levitator, and an AM radio. The day finished with test of the radios on the main campus quad. Everyone was able to receive at least one station! The lunch included a discussion with three recent U of M grads working in industry, two of whom were members of the IRG during their student careers.