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MRSEC Shared Facilities: A Vital Resource

The resources of the Wisconsin MRSEC Shared Facilities impact researchers campus-wide and beyond. Over the past year >79,000 usage hours accounted for:

  • ~700 users in 7 schools/colleges and 43 departments at UW-Madison
  • >320 grants with a total value of >$175 M in sponsored research
  • ~150 principal investigators
  • >30 companies and 10 other universities

The MRSEC Shared Facilities encompass three major instrumentation centers: Materials Science Center, Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics, and Soft Materials Lab. The MRSEC raises awareness about the capabilities of these centers through well-attended (>100 attendees) bi-annual open house events. At the 2016 open house campus facilities in Biochemistry (super-resolution microscopy) and Chemistry (mass spectrometry & NMR) were also highlighted.