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Patterning Organic Semiconductor Single Crystal Field-Effect Transistors

Single-crystal organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) are ideal device structures for studying fundamental science associated with charge transport in organic materials and have demonstrated outstanding electrical characteristics. However, it remains a technical challenge to integrate single-crystal devices into practical electronic applications. A key difficulty is that organic single-crystal devices are usually fabricated one device at a time through manual selection and placing individual crystals. To overcome this difficulty, Bao et al. successfully developed two high-throughput approaches to pattern organic single crystal arrays. In the first method, organic crystals are patterned on electrode regions through solution (de)wetting on heterogeneously wettability-patterned substrates. This solution processing technique potentially has very low-cost. In the second approach, organic semiconductors are vapor-deposited on substrates using carbon nanotubes as templates. In both techniques, large arrays of single crystals OFETs with superior performance are successfully fabricated.

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