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Phonon-mediated strong coupling between a three-dimensional topological insulator and a two-dimensional antiferromagnetic material

Research Focus

  • Theoretical prediction of strong coupling between the THz excitations in a topological insulator (TI) and an antiferromagnet (AFM). Provides potential hybrid material platform for optoelectronic device applications in the THz frequency domain.

Key Advances

  • State-of-the-art global scattering matrix method combined with Drude-Lorentz and Heisenberg models used for semi-classical descriptions of the interaction between TI and AFM through dispersion of Dirac plasmon-phonon-magnon polariton.
  • Guides experiments by identifying parameter ranges for which strong coupling is predicted (e.g. thickness of involved layers, Fermi energy of electrons in the TIs, magnetic anisotropy energy in the AFMs). Predicts that strong coupling should be achievable for experimentally realistic material quality (i.e. realistic loss).