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Physics Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

leo1.jpgIn March, a group of physicists from the Chicago MRSEC visited Washington DC to talk about science to Congressional Representatives, their staff, and others. The message: basic research is vital to America's economy and our childrens' futures. In the photo, current MRSEC Director, Sidney Nagel (left) demonstrates the properties of materials to CUNY Prof. Myriam Sarachik (former President of the APS) and U.S. Rep. Vernon J. Ehlers(R-MI) as Leo Kadanoff (right), former MRSEC Director and currently President-Elect of the APS, looks on. This effort was sponsored by the Condensed-Matter Divison of the APS. Our MRSEC scientists are aware that research is only half of a scientist's job--the other half is telling people about it.