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Research Highlights Summary

Periodically, the MRSEC posts scientific nuggets, i.e. brief one or two page descriptions of important scientific or technological discoveries and innovative new outreach initiatives which have resulted from NSF or other support. Feel free to explore the ones that we have provided here. The nuggets are in .pdf format.

Fatigue Reliability Test System
Suraj P. Gorkhali, Jose Vedrine, Gregory P. Crawford
Numerical simulations of propulsion mechanisms in the Listeria bacterium
A.F. Bower
Ductile Fracture in Steel
C.L. Briant, A. Needleman, L. Chuzhoy, D.H. Sherman
Electromechanics of Thin Nanotube Films Electromechanics of Thin Nanotube Films
Jose Vedrine, Gregory P. Crawford
Defect volumes in a conducting oxide determined from combined mechanical and electronic measurements
David C. Paine, Greg Crawford, Eric Chason, Burag Yaglioglu
Theory for Polymorphism of Bacterial Flagella
Srikanth V. Srigiriraju and Thomas R. Powers
A study of stress and microstructure evolution in TiO2 thin-films derived from solution methods