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Spray Combustion Synthesis of Oxide Transistors

Spray Combustion

Top: SCS
process schematic. Bottom: Mobility statistics vs. processing temperature for
conventional (red) and SCS (blue) IGZO TFTs with SiOx dielectric. Green: with
an SCS ZrOx dielectric


Metal oxide (MO) semiconductors have
recently emerged as contenders for next-generation transparent electronics.
Impressive progress in solution-processed MO electronics has been achieved,
however, due to incomplete lattice condensation and film densification,
high-quality MO films having technologically-relevant thicknesses have not been

Now a MRSEC team has invented a new
low-temperature thickness-controlled film growth process to create
high-performance solution-processed MO electronics, spray-combustion synthesis
(SCS), demonstrating for the first time amorphous indium-gallium-zinc oxide
(a-IGZO) transistors having densification, nanoporosity, electron mobility,
trap densities, transistor bias stability, and film transport approaching those
of sputtered films, and compatible with conventional FAB manufacture.