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World Science Festival: Crystals, Colloids and Fun!

  • NYU-MRSEC investigators along with research scientist from the BioBus/BioBase organization mentored nine high school students as part of a two month peer-mentorship program.¬† The idea, to train high school students in optics, CAD/3D printing and basic of microscopy including applications in materials science (crystals and colloids).
  • The peers, undergraduate students, taught at least two workshops and attended the World Science Festival (WSF) as mentors¬† to the high school students on June 4th. More than one thousand people visited the NYU-MRSEC booth and learned about optics, microscopy and crystals, colloids and the microscopic universe.
  • All of the participating high school and undergraduate students are part of the Science Technology Entry Program (STEP/CSTEP) a NY State Initiative designed to aid students from underserved populations.