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10th Anniversary - NSF MRSECs 10th Anniversary Celebration

The NSF MRSEC program is celebrating its 10th anniversary. A special function was organized at the Fall 2004 MRS Meeting the evening of Tuesday, November 30.

Dr. W. Lance Haworth, Executive Officer of the National Science Foundation Division of Materials Research, gave an overview presentation of the MRSEC program using the Paul Gauguin painting (displayed in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" as a metaphor for the talk. He said the title was very appropriate for the celebration.

Next, Alan MacDiarmid (Univ. Penn.) who is one of the 2000 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, talked about interdisciplinarity and its importance for scientific research, particularly for materials research. He said that interdisciplinarity is at the heart of the MRSEC program.

Following the talks, there was a poster session displaying the work and accomplishments of the various MRSECs and a reception.

The complete news article may be found at the MRS website, Fall 2004 Meeting, News & Highlights for Tuesday, November 30, NSF MRSEC - 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Highlights of the Past 10 Years