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Center for Precision Assembled Quantum Materials (PAQM)

The Columbia MRSEC on Precision-Assembled Quantum Materials (PAQM), led by Columbia University in partnership with the City College of New York, Howard University, Harvard University, and Stony Brook University, encompasses two IRGs that build higher dimensional materials from lower dimensional structures to create the next generation of quantum, optoelectronic, and energy transport materials. The PAQM research program spans the traditional disciplines and integrates theory, design, synthesis, device fabrication, and materials testing, fostering a highly collaborative research environment that groundbreaking research. The PAQM research effort is amplified by strong connections to national laboratories and international partners.  PAQM seeks to support STEM and materials education at all levels and train the next generation of researchers. The educational and research efforts of PAQM aim to increase diversity at all levels, particularly in fields related to Materials Science and Engineering.


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