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Center for Dynamics and Control of Materials

The Center for Dynamics and Control of Materials: an NSF MRSEC brings together researchers from across science and engineering to create materials with new atomic-scale structures and functionalities, and to develop approaches for actively controlling and reconfiguring materials in real time. These materials will enable the development of new and improved technologies in areas such as sustainable energy, quantum information processing, bioinspired systems, and semiconductors for telecommunications, computing, and sensing. The Center consists of two Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs). IRG 1 focuses on the design and creation of soft materials, based on nanoparticle and biopolymer networks, whose structure and functionality can be actively controlled by the introduction of chemical fuels or other forms of energy. These new, highly adaptive materials will have the potential to be used in applications ranging from optical coatings for temperature control to artificial cellular materials. IRG 2 addresses new properties and functions enabled by the engineering of structure and symmetry in atomically thin and molecular materials. Such materials will offer compelling opportunities to develop new capabilities for electronics, photonics, and quantum devices and systems. These research activities are closely integrated with initiatives in education, outreach, and the promotion of diversity and inclusion. The Center engages elementary school teachers in materials research to improve teacher efficacy and student engagement with science at a formative age, and thereby increase the number and diversity of students interested in science, engineering, and related fields. A materials podcast, community college and Hispanic-serving institution partnerships, and mentoring programs engage diverse populations and foster broad participation and success in materials-related education and careers.


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