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University of Washington Molecular Engineering Materials Center

The University of Washington Molecular Engineering Materials Center, an NSF MRSEC, executes fundamental materials research that aims to push the frontiers of science and accelerate the emergence of future advanced technologies. The Center's research targets development of nanoscale materials that allow quantum interactions to be harnessed for use in new "spin-photonic" technologies such as quantum sensing. Additionally, the research addresses development of atomically thin and layered two-dimensional crystalline materials whose quantum properties are ultra-sensitive to external strain stimuli, to vastly expand the reach of quantum materials and thereby open new territory for advancing quantum and energy technologies. This research will lead to the discovery and development of new advanced materials, new experimental and theoretical capabilities, and new fundamental knowledge in quantum materials. In parallel, the Center helps prepare participating students and postdoctoral researchers to become leading innovators in industry, national laboratories, academia, and other sectors, while inspiring youth to engage in science and engineering. The Center partners with international institutions, industry, and national laboratories to advance its interdisciplinary research and training objectives. Broader-impact activities include formative research experiences for undergraduates and K-12 teachers, facilitating science participation in rural, remote, and under-resourced school districts, engaging veterans and military service members in research, and fostering a Pacific Northwest materials research and education ecosystem. The Center offers open-access shared facilities to support the campus and the broader research community.


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