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Controlling Complex Electronic Materials

logo_irg_4a.gif IRG Senior Participants: Darrell Schlom (co-leader, Mat Sci), Kyle Shen (co-leader, Phys), Joel Brock (Appl Phys), J.C. Séamus Davis (Phys), Craig Fennie (Appl Phys), Richard, E.-A. Kim (Phys) G. Hennig (MatSci), David Muller (Appl Phys)
Collaborators: M. Lawler (SUNY Binghamton)

Our group aims to study and control complex electronic materials -- systems where strong quantum interactions can result in unexpected and novel phenomena, including superconductivity, high thermopower, unconventional magnetism, and metal-insulator transitions. The physical properties of these complex electronic materials will be finely tuned through a variety of approaches including epitaxial strain, chemical doping, and interfacial engineering. These materials will be characterized using various probes of the electronic structure, both in real-space (STM, STEM) and momentum-space (ARPES, x-ray scattering), which will provide valuable input into developing realistic theoretical models for these novel and exciting systems.