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Controlling Electrons at Interfaces

logo_irg_1.gif IRG Senior Participants: Héctor Abruña (C&CB, co-leader), Dan Ralph (Phys, co-leader), Piet Brouwer (Phys), Robert Buhrman (A&EP), J. C. Séamus Davis (Phys), Paul McEuen (Phys), David Muller (A&EP), Sandip Tiwari (ECE), R. Bruce van Dover (MS&E) Collaborators: G. Coates (Cornell); W. Harneit (Freie Universität Berlin); C. W. Kim, M. K. Kim (Samsung Electronics); D. N. Hendrickson (UCSD); J. R. Long (Berkeley); H. Park (Harvard); C. Timm (Univ. of Kansas) Our group is working to achieve atomic-level understanding and control of the electronic properties of interfaces, so as to better manipulate electron and spin transport. By combining advanced microscopy techniques with state-of-the-art nanofabrication and chemical synthesis, we are conducting fundamental research into the coupling between metal electrodes and molecules in single-molecule devices. We are also investigating the charge states at insulating interfaces that are used for molecular electronics, magnetic tunnel junctions, and silicon devices.