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Dynamics of Growth of Complex Materials

logo_irg_3.gif IRG Senior Participants: Tomás Arias (Phys, co-leader), David Muller (A&EP, co-leader), Jack Blakely (MS&E), Joel D. Brock (A&EP), Paulette Clancy (C&BE), James R. Engstrom (C&BE) Collaborators: J. Anthony (U. Kentucky), D. Bowler (Univ. Coll. London), D. Dale (CHESS), R. Headrick (U. Vermont), A. Kazimirov (CHESS), H. Hwang (U. Tokyo), D. Smilgies (CHESS), Y. Suzuki (UC Berkeley), A. Woll (CHESS)

Our group aims to understand and control the dynamics of growth of complex materials and, in particular, the formation and control of the crucial interfacial layers, while fostering cross-fertilization between the organic and oxide communities. The goal is to develop the ability to fabricate heterostructures or meta-materials with the single atomic-layer precision required to achieve the ultimate in electronic device performance. We are focusing on the growth dynamics of high dielectric constant complex oxides, such as heterostructures of LaTiO3/SrTiO3, and the controlled growth of thin film organic semiconductors, such as pentacene.