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Synergistic Linear and Nonlinear Phenomena in Multifunctional Oxide Ceramic Systems

IRG #1 seeks to advance fundamental knowledge leading to the development of energy-efficient and novel multifunctional devices for electronic, optoelectronic, storage, sensor and information technologies. The methodologies employed by the group include exploring and exploiting the unique attributes of oxide materials, resulting in two or more functionalities; and developing a thin film platform to integrate multifunctional oxides. The group focuses on oxides which simultaneously exhibit a combination of electrical conductivity, optical transparency, linear and non-linear response to external electrical, magnetic and stress fields. They are also working to validate and optimize coupled phenomena (for example optical transparency with electrical conductivity; ferroelectricity with ferromagnetism). The development of a thin film and heterostructure integration strategy is underway; and first-principles theory and simulation are being coupled with device modeling and characterization