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Topology and Fractionalization in Magnetic Materials

IRG-2 focuses on control of configurations and interrelationships between magnetic interactions that protect magnetic states against omnipresent disruptive forces; in particular it seeks to discover materials harboring topologically protected magnetic excitations. Confirming the existence of these subtle features and understanding their properties requires coordinated application of a diverse suite of experiments and concerted theoretical guidance to bring these subtle phenomena to light. This IRG seeks to establish a new paradigm of topological phases in strongly correlated magnetic materials thus providing the precise control over the magnetic properties of solids that will have critical applications for both spintronics and quantum information.

IRG-2 Faculty:

Joseph P. Heremans, Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (Co-Leader)
Yuan-Ming Lu, Associate Professor of Physics (Co-Leader)
Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Assistant Professor of Materials Science Engineering
David W. McComb, Professor of Materials Science Engineering
Roberto C. Myers, Professor of Materials Science Engineering
Kate A. Ross, Professor of Physics at Colorado State University
Brian Skinner, Assistant Professor of Physics
Nandini Trivedi, Professor of Physics
Rolando Valdés Aguilar, Assistant Professor of Physics
Yiying Wu, Professor of Physics

Research Fields: