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Program Highlights for year 2013

Rotating Magnetization with Lattice Strain

Altering crystal structure of unique magnetic films manipulates magnetization orientation Magnetic anisotropy defines the functionality in many applications including magnetic data storage, strong permanent magnets, and electrical transformers. Sr2FeMoO6 (SFMO) and Sr2CrReO6 (SCRO) are unique magnetic materials whose strong anisotropy aligns with

Permanent Assembly of Soft Matter Chains as New Materials

Binding with oppositely charged particles

•Heteroaggregate structure directed by AC-electric field

•Chain length distribution tuned by particle size/number ratio

•Developed a unique combinatorial approach for predicting chain length

Supporting STEM Education and Professional Careers through the REU Program

The long term goals of the Triangle MRSEC REU program are to maximize opportunities for undergraduate involvement MRSEC research, recruit diverse undergraduate students from across the country, and encourage and support future careers in materials science and engineering.

Harnessing In-Fiber Fluid Instabilities To Create Multimaterial Particles From Fibers

From drug delivery to catalysis to optoelectronics, the need for efficient fabrication pathways for particles over a wide range of sizes, from a variety of materials, and in many different structures is

The Case for Small Quantum Dots

Why are 1-2 nm silicon quantum dots ideal as solar materials?






Education and Outreach in the Renewable Energy MRSEC

Teacher Workshop: Eighteen elementary school teachers participated in summer workshop. Student impact of approximately 200 students.