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Program Highlights for year 2013

X-ray Standing Wave Mapping of Graphene/SiC

J. Emery1, B. Detlefs2, H. Karmel1, V. Wheeler3, D.K. Gaskill3, M. Hersam1, J. Zegenhagen2, M. Bedzyk1 1Northwestern University Materials Research Science & Engineering Center 2European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, 3U.S. Naval Research Lab

First Observation of Hall Effect in Polymer Transistors

Printed transistors employing both the bench-mark polymer semiconductor poly(3-hexyl-thiophene) and ultra-high capacitance ion gel gate insulators exhibit unusually large hole mobilities near 1 cm2/Vs at high charge densities (0.2 holes/ring).

SAPs: Self Assembled Peptides

Developed in GEMSEC, biocombinatorially selected solid binding peptides with short (7-15) amino acid (AA) sequences can bind to atomically flat materials via molecular recognition that leads to surface diffusion, clustering and long-range ordered assembly commensurate with the underlying crystallographic solid lattice.

Molecular Biomimetics

Molecular Biomimetics - Making materials one molecule at a time, via the Biology’s ways, allows an intricate control of nano- and microstructures that permit tailoring functional properties towards practical applicati

First All-Gas Phase Manufacture of a Nanocrystal Based Electronic Device

Semiconductor nanocrystals hold great potential for the low-cost manufacture of electronic devices. 

Low Resistivity Magnetic Nano-Sensors

As electronic devices shrink deep into the nano-scale, low-resistivities become essential.