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An efficient material search for room-temperature topological magnons

  • IRG-2 developed a symmetry-based approach that uses only few inputs, to carry out an efficient yet systematic search for topological magnons in magnetic insulators. Robust against disorders and decoherence, they serve as potential platforms for magnon-based spintronic devices.
  • Unlike weakly interacting electronic materials that are well captured by density functional theory and ab initio calculations, it is very difficult to make reliable predictions on strongly correlated magnetic materials. IRG-2’s symmetry-based approach overcome this challenge, and our search results greatly expand the list of high-Tc candidate materials for topological magnons.
  • This work is achieved by an interdisciplinary collaboration between IRG-2 physicists, chemists and material scientists, and is impossible without the center environment and funding of MRSEC. The obtained database provides a pool of candidate materials, facilitating the selection and synthesis of high quality materials and future experimental characterization of topological magnons.