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The Materials Universe Podcast: Bringing Materials Research to the General Public

Podcasts Represent a Growing Avenue for Engaging the General Public

  • 38% of US adults report listening to podcasts monthly in 2022 vs. 26% in 2018. This increases to 50% among 12 – 34 year olds. (Edison Research)
  • Science podcasts have grown exponentially, but few focus on materials science. (MacKenzie, R. Soc. Open sci. 2019)

Season 1 of The Materials Universe: 6 episodes featuring MRSEC faculty (Yu, Milliron, Roberts, Rosales, Akinwande, Li)

  • Geared towards an audience ages 15+
  • Episodes drop once a month; 4 episodes have been released
  • Streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, or wherever you get your podcasts

Podcast Listenership Statistics: 1,048 Total Streams, 318 Unique Listeners, 166 Followers