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Tuning commensurability in twisted van Der Waals (vdW) bilayers

  • Using scanning tunneling microscopy spectroscopy (STM/S), the 30° twisted bilayer WSe2 moiré quasicrystals and 21.8° twisted bilayer WSe2 moiré crystals are studied.
  • This study reveals the rich electronic structures in large angle twisted bilayer WSe2 exemplified by the formation of multiple mini-gaps near the valence band maximum.
  • This work provides a proof of concept for using large-twist-angle vdW structures as a design platform to study quasicrystals with tunable commensurability, a feature unavailable in traditional quasicrystals.
  • Understanding quasicrystal properties allow the team to explore complex vdW heterostructures beyond a single moiré, a key goal of the IRG 2