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Program Highlights for year 2015

Custom Instrumentation: CryoCluster

Collaboration between faculty, shared facilities, and industry to fabricate instrumentation for high-throughput cryogenic sample preparation

Partnership with Museum of Science and Industry

• The NU-MRSEC has partnered with the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry to create a new exhibit focused on materials science and society, scheduled to debut in Spring 2015.

Cyberlearning: Materials iLab

11,586 users worldwide have run nearly 16,643 experiments to date

Electric Current Rectifying Device That Is Completely in Liquid State

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in the development of electronic devices using non-conventional soft matter materials, as a novel alternative to traditional solid-state electronic devices. Traditional solid-state devices are often fragile and usually are made of non-biocompatible materials.

Novel Forms of Magnetic Anisotropy to Create a New Class of Permanent Magnets


Magnetic anisotropy is the key component in permanent magnets. This research focuses on creating a new type of magnetic anisotropy, leading to synthesis and measurement of two new ternary compounds.

Extracting Electronic Structure in Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors from Photoresponse

• Amorphous oxide semiconductors (AOS) provide superior performance and lower cost for next generation displays. However, instability under illumination remains a critical issue.