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Program Highlights for year 2009

X-ray Characterization of Self-Assembled Nanoscale Dielectrics

Self-Assembled Nanoscale Dielectric (SAND) thin films are emerging as leading contenders in applications for organic and hybrid thin film transistors, allowing for low operating voltages and ideal device characteristics in next-generation flexible electronics.Â’  Dielectric properties are highly dependent on the behavior of the counter-anions within the film, specifically their pos

Correlating the Structure, Optical Spectra, and Electrodynamics of Single Silver Nanocubes

The plasmonic properties of noble metal nanoparticles have potential uses in a wide variety of technologies based on their optical response.Â’  Recent collaborative efforts of the NU-MRSEC demonstrate that correlated localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) spectroscopy and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) measurements can be used to obtain the optical res

Chemical Doping of Organic Molecular Films for Photovoltaic Applications

To advance the application of organic molecular films in solar cells, PCCM researchers have improved their conductivity and carrier injection by n-doping the acceptor layer in a donor-acceptor cell. The acceptor was a fullerene layer, C60, while the dopant was the low-ionization-energy molecule decamethylcobaltocene (CoCp2*).

3D Topological Dirac Insulator with a Quantum Spin Hall Phase

An insulator is usually described as a material with completely filled electronic bands that do not contribute to any interesting transport behavior.

MRSEC Education Directors Network Meeting Hosted by PCCM

The MRSEC Education Directors conducted a workshop at Princeton (September 14-17, 2008), chaired by PCCM's Dr. Dan Steinberg.

Materials Research Facilities Network

The Materials Research Facilities Network (MRFN) has recently been established and is currently in operation at ca. 50% of MRSEC sites. The goal of the MRFN is to maximize the usage of MRSEC facilities and is directed towards the efficient and strategic development of materials characterization within the United States.


Surfactants are everywhere in nature and everyday life: animals rely on lung surfactants to breathe, and mayon

Crack Interaction With Grain Boundaries in Zinc Bicrystals

Grain boundaries are inherent defects in most materials of tech

Kinetic model of whisker growth in Sn films

The spontaneous growth of whiskers from Pb-free Sn solder films on Cu

BrownOut: Engineering Educational Outreach

Classroom Visits Program J. Blume, Division of Engineering