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Program Highlights for year 2010

Polarization Dependent Interactions at Pd-LiNbO3(0001) Interfaces.

The dipole orientation in ferroelectrics, such as LiNbO3 and BaTiO3, can be controlled via application of an electric field and this can in turn affect surface properties.  In this project we have shown for b

One Protein Scaffold – Multiple Functions

We have designed and fabricated simple artificial protein scaffolds (we call them maquettes) that can transfer catalytic functions familiar in Nature into materi

Patchy Particles by Self-Assembly

The Roman God Janus has two faces, one to look forward plus one to look back, and now serves as inspiration for many to make ‘Janus particles’ with two (or more) functionalities.  Indeed, the successful design and engin

NYU MRSEC Highlight: Education and Outreach

Nearly 500 K-12 students from NYC schools visited NYU MRSEC laboratories for science demonstrations as part of the MRSEC Scientific Frontiers Program Developed class modules for 70 9th graders in the Urban Assembly Institute for Math and Science for Young Women, an all-girls school in Brooklyn for the underrepresented and underprivileged

NYU MRSEC Seed Highlight: A Photon Driven Nano-lander orbiting a Micro-moon

 Whispering Gallery Mode Carousel: Forces exerted by an evanescent light wave at the surface of a spherical glass resonator draw microscopic colloidal particles toward the resonator surface  Intensity of the red-shifted light provides an exponentially sensitive probe of the particle-resonator separation; wavelength probes the strength of the light-matter interaction

Ultrafast Relaxation of Hot Dirac Fermions in Epitaxial Graphene

In high speed devices, electrons are accelerated to high energy by a high electric field; to understand device performance, it is important to know how those “hot” electrons relax by scattering with each other and with the environment (the graphene lattice and the SiC substrate).

Selective Epitaxial Graphene Growth on SiC via AIN Capping

AlN, deposited by molecular beam epitaxy and patterned by electron beam lithography, forms an effective capping layer for epitaxial graphene growth on C-face SiC.

Wind Tunnel Applications for Middle School Math & Science

The list of potential curricular connections and activities that can be done with a wind tunnel in middle school is almost endless. This project incorporates simple geometry, weather, lab skills, metric measurement, as well as having the students work through the design process and actually construct and test their creations.

Understanding the Mechanisms Controlling Sn Whisker Formation

Sn whiskers are a serious reliability problem in Pb-free electronics manufacturing.  Whiskers (as in fig. 1) grow out of pure Sn coatings and have been responsible for numerous system failures, such as the Galaxy IV satellite.