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Program Highlights for year 2010

Edges-stress induced warping and rippling of graphene

 Graphene, an atomic layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice, is actively being pursued as a material for next-generation electronics because of the high mobility of charge carriers and the potential to control their density by applying a gate voltage.

High school students learn about alternative energy at UCSB MRSEC workshop

Dozens of excited middle and high school students from across Santa Barbara County spent a morning learning about alternative energy by building and racing their own solar cars. The workshop, presented as part of Science and Technology Day at UCSB, included a presentation on alternative energy, hands-on activities, and a corresponding video for teachers.

Materials Research Facilities Network (MRFN) Virtual Instrumentation Partnership (VIP)

Initiative provides access to analytical instrumentation instruction to Minority Serving and Primarily Undergraduate Institutions through 4 types of virtual experiences:  1) User institution selects technique and class can access manuals, laboratories, and view training videos at 2) Live sessions through Skype fe

Understanding Nature’s glue

Mussel-inspired adhesion has much to teach about the chemistry and processing of polymers and provides a glimpse of some remarkable physical properties exhibited by this complex fluid. . Mussel adhesive processing has been mimicked by Waite, Tirrell and Israelachvili mixing a

Research Experience for Undergraduates in Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy MRSEC at the Colorado School of Mines held a ten week Research Experiences for Undergraduates program on renewable energy in which over half of the 20 students were women.

Silicon Nanoparticles for Solar Applications

Silicon nanoparticles are promising new materials for photovoltaic applications that combine materials property tunability on the nanoscale with silicon’s established performance in photovoltaics. We have succeeded in synthesizing crystalline silicon nanoparticles in a continuous flow plasma reactor and established control over particle size.