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Program Highlights for year 2016

First Experimental Observation of Weyl Points

Weyl particles – massless particles linearly dispersing in all three dimensions (3D) -- were first theorized by Hermann Weyl in 1929, who found such a solution to the Dirac equation proposed by Paul Dirac in 1928. A material hosting Weyl particles features singular points in its dispersion relations – the Weyl points.

Imaging Magnetic and Electric Fields with an Electron Microscope

Imaging Magnetic and Electric Fields with an Electron Microscope

A new high-speed detector for electron microscopes uses every transmitted electron to measure electric and magnetic fields

RT-MRSEC Wins Dean's Award for Inclusive Excellence

We are excited to announce that the Research Triangle MRSEC has won the Dean’s Award for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education!

Hierarchical organization of chiral colloidal

Liquid–liquid phase separation in bulk proceeds through the continuous coalescence of droplets until the system undergoes complete phase separation. But when

In 3D – Molecules of Life

In 2015, the MRSEC led the development of an outreach course at Brandeis for Waltham High School students to strengthen our engagement with the WHS community. The course was structured to teach the students biochemistry using 3D molecular models, hands-on activities, CAD, and 3D printing.

The Traveling Salesman Enables the Rapid Synthesis of Repetitive Polypeptides

A codon-scrambling algorithm enables the PCR-based synthesis of repetitive proteins by finding the least-repetitive synonymous gene sequence